the special pathogen network

As the FEMA Region 8 (Regional) Treatment Center, Denver health is required to:
* Accept patients within eight hours of being notified,
* Have the capacity to treat at least two Ebola/Special Pathogens patients at the same time,
* Have respiratory infectious disease isolation capacity or negative pressure rooms for at least 10 patients,
* Conduct quarterly trainings and exercises,
* Receive an annual readiness assessment from the National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center, composed of experts from health care facilities that have safely and successfully cared for patients with Ebola in the U.S., and funded by ASPR and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to ensure clinical staff is adequately prepared and trained to safely treat patients with Ebola/Special Pathogens and other infectious diseases,
* Be able to treat pediatric patients with Ebola/Special Pathogens or other infectious diseases or partner with a neighboring facility to do so, and,
* Be able to safely handle Ebola/Special Pathogens-contaminated or other highly contaminated infectious waste.

We are a federally recognized collective of hospitals, public health entities, and first-responder organizations from across Colorado with special knowledge and expertise in highly infectious diseases.

We support other healthcare entities by providing free, in-person, tailored and interactive learning and sustainable tools, to make Colorado stronger and better prepared.

When we aren't educating our peers or gowning up to take care of those highly infectious disease patients, we very much enjoy long walks on the beach and a strong drink. 

Who We Are

Regional Treatment Center
Denver Health

These centers are staffed, equipped, and have been assessed to have current capabilities, training, and resources to provide the complex treatment necessary to care for a person with Ebola/Special Pathogens while minimizing risk to health care workers.

Treatment Centers
University of Colorado hospital
childrens hospital of Colorado

These hospitals have been identified as having the ability to safely receive and isolate a person under investigation for Ebola/Special Pathogens and care for the person until an Ebola/Special Pathogens diagnosis can be confirmed or ruled out and until discharge or transfer to a treatment center is complete.

assessment hospitals
st. mary's medical center
Parkview Medical Center