the special pathogen network

The linchpin of the Special Pathogen Network (SPN) is the training we are able to offer to fellow hospitals within the state of Colorado. Below is the process we follow to help further strengthen the infection prevention resiliency of your hospital - all at NO cost to you!

1) You CONTACT US to let us know you are interested.
2) A member of the SPN will reach out to you and setup a conference call to discuss your needs and how we can help. 
3) We will provide you with a Self Assessment of your facility and practices - to be completed before we arrive for training. 
4) We provide a 3-hour workshop, including a hands-on portion, designed to produce highly competent healthcare professionals in the practice of rapid identification & isolation of a person under investigation (PUI) of having a highly infectious disease; donning; doffing; and other infectious disease knowledge. We even leave behind two specially designed gowns that are dual colored (one color on one side and another color on the other side) to help you with your doffing practices. 
5) We then follow up with you a month afterwards and ask you complete a final Self Assessment of your facility and practices. 

That's it! While preparing for highly infectious diseases may seem scary we're here to show you why it is not and how you and your staff have all the right equipment to keep you safe! So reach out today to find out more!